Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Top 10 Grossing Tamil Movies.

Top 10 highest grossing Tamil movies - WW(All Versions) * 2014 MOVIES NOT UPDATED

1. Enthiran: This movie Grossed around an estimated 220+ crores worldwide. Helped by the collections from other versions such as Telugu and Hindi worldwide, and also the movie became Rajinikanth's highest grossing movie till now.

Info - Made at a budget of nearly 140 crores, the movie even though is the highest ever grossing Tamil movie but had to settle for a SUPERHIT status only.

Box Office Status - SUPERHIT 

2. Vishwaroopam: The movie grossed around an estimated 130 crores worldwide. Boosted by the massive collections from other version such as Telugu and Hindi. The movie is Kamal Hassan's Highest grossing movie till date. 

Info - Budget of the Movie is above 80 crores and the movie brought good returns in spite of the entertainment tax and delayed release.Due to tax in TN it had to settle for SuperHit status. 

Box Office Status - SUPERHIT

3. Sivaji : The movie Grossed around an estimated 125+ crores worldwide. Boosted by good collections from Overseas, AP

Info - The movie is from the amazing combo of Shankar, Rajini and AR Rahman. Budget of the movie is around 60 crores and the movie is the first Tamil movie to Gross more than 100 crores at the worldwide Box office, and made good returns to all parties involved. 

Box Office Status - BLOCKBUSTER

4. Thuppaki: The movie Grossed around 120+ crores worldwide. Collections were boosted well in Kerala and few overseas countries like Malaysia. Thuppaki is Vijay's Highest grossing movie till date. 

Info - Made at a budget of 65+ crores ,Mainly because of the star studded cast and crew but overall great returns to investors. One of the biggest hits in Tamil cinema considering the profits for all parties.

Box Office Status - BLOCKBUSTER

5. Singam 2/ARRAMBAM OR vice versa: Both the movies grossed around an estimated 100+ crores at worldwide B.O.

Singam 2 - Info: The investors Made big money considering the budget of Singam 2 is around 45 crores and the movie reaped more than double the investment amount making it a true blockbuster in recent times also boosted by collections from AP,Kerala,Malaysia etc.The movie is Surya's Highest grosser till date. 

Box Office Status: BLOCKBUSTER

Arrambam- Info: Made at a Budget of around 50-55 crores, this movie became a big success worldwide, Collections were Boosted mainly from Home territory. A solid profit to all parties involved and producer made a Comeback by reaping lump-sum amount. The movie is Ajith's Highest grosser till date.

Box Office Status: SUPERHIT 

6. Singam2/Arrambam Or Vice versa

7. Dasavatharam: Made at a budget of around 60 crores, the movie raked in 95+ crores WW, mainly boosted from Overseas countries - USA,UK
Box Office Verdict - SUPERHIT

8. Nanban/7 AM Arivu: Both movies grossed around 90+ crores Worldwide
Nanban - Info: Made at a budget of around 60 crores the movie collected around 90 crores WW , despite being a remake by the Ace director Shankar, it was received well and made good collections.

Box office Status: SUPERHIT

7th Sense - Info: Made at a budget of around 70 crores, mainly due to star studded cast and crew, which includes A.R Murugadoss, Surya Johnny triNguyen, Harris jeyaraj etc. Massive Budget and tax levied in TN played the spoilsport that made it an average movie at B.O.

Box office Status: AVERAGE

9: Nanban/7 AM Arivu Or Vice Versa

10. Mankatha : The movie made an overall worldwide gross of an estimated 88-90 crores. (Tamil+Telugu)
Info - Made at a budget of nearly 34 crores this movie reaped Massive profit for all parties.The movie went on to become Ajith Kumar's best hits ever...

Box office Status: BLOCKBUSTER.


  1. Good work done bro.
    This report makes more sense cos some idiots say endhiran 300cr, vishwaroopam 200cr, thuppakki 187cr and arrambam 135cr but tamil fims do not have that huge market

  2. You must be drunk ! Thuppaki's budget is clear 28crs . . . Have sense

  3. @sri50 confirmed on Twitter that mankatha collection 50-60cr Thuppakki-187cr endhiran-300+cr.... wikipedia published it....

  4. Box office reports here were totally wrong for all movies..Zaheer Tamil movies have market in US, Europe and south asian countries..for ur information Tamil is official Language in Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia and have Over 12,00,00,000 Population worldwide means over 5 Crore Tamilans were not Indian Citizens..So know the fact before commenting. .