Friday, October 11, 2013


                                             Every fan must read this

Actor worshiping is not new to Tamil cinema or even Indian cinema, actors are worshiped like demi-gods here particularly down south in here. It is not very bad thing at all, people have some reason to celebrate and be happy, but when this reach the maximum level fans never stop at not only worshiping their favorite stars but they start to hate their star’s rival actors and bully their fans and vice versa. 

Hatred is spread, using abusive language and showing arrogance and hating each other are the most worst things you want to hear, and they never stop with this and sometimes it may and have ended up in fist fights leading to serious injuries, here I am mentioning particularly about Tamil stars such as Vijay and Ajith fans, yes indeed they are the rival stars but it doesn't mean they are in the battleground of blood and gore war, it’s just cinema and fans too have to take it on a lighter note, enjoy the cinema and stop hating other, cheers!!!

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